Soul Friends

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Thomas Moore writes, “Friends interested in each other at the soul level do not simply look at each other’s lives and listen to each other’s explanations. They look together at this third thing…and in that mutual gaze they find and sustain their friendship.” For Moore, the third thing is the soul itself; in a Christian context, this third thing is nothing less than God. - Kendra Dean & Ron Foster in “The Godbearing Life”

Friends are really quite amazing, aren’t they? There are all sorts of kinds of friends. In the book“The Godbearing Life” there is a section on “soul friends”: those deep, transformative, authentic relationships. Some soul friends come into our lives for a single, life-changing hour. Some soul friends are with us for a lifetime.

Friendships take intentional time and energy, don’t they? But they are oh-so-important and oh-so-worth it. Take a little time this week and reconnect with a soul friend. I am about 99.9999% sure you will be glad you did! And I'm giving myself the same assignment. Ready, set, go.

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