Today's Photo: "The Smallest of Details"

"Remove the sandals from your feet,
for the place on which you are standing is holy ground."
- God
(speaking with Moses at the time)

"The practice of paying attention is as simple as looking twice
at people and things you might just as easily ignore." - Barbara Brown Taylor

Reverence. I love the way the word sounds. And its meaning is even more magnificent. To have reverence for something is to have a holy respect for it. We can have reverence for all sorts of things, really - we can be awe-struck by just about anything. An apple. A walnut. The difficult person in front of us at the bank. The dying mums in the front yard. Increasing our awareness of creation and of our Creator often begins with an attitude grounded in reverence. We are on holy ground all the time. All ground is holy ground. All spaces are holy spaces. Every breath is a holy breath.

There will be moments today when we are offered opportunities to truly "pay attention" - to soak in the details, to honor the moments. Let's latch onto those opportunities and remove the sandals from our feet for awhile.

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