How to Save a Life

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“There is more to life than merely increasing its speed.” – Gandhi

It is a crazy day around here. A delightfully rainy day filled with productivity and to-do lists. My mind is too full but I’m determined to cram more into it. I looked across the room at my book shelf and happened upon a wonderful book I have yet to read. The title of the book is “Sabbath” by Wayne Muller. It’s built on the foundation that God calls us to set aside Sabbath time in our lives – whether an hour here or a day there. The goal is consistent time of peacefulness, time to be refreshed.

Here’s a poem as food for thought:

Three generations back
my family had only

to light a candle
and the world parted.

Today, Friday afternoon,
I disconnect clocks and phones.

When night fills my house
with passages,

I begin saving my life.

-Marcia Falk

Take a little time today to save your life, okay?

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