The day is improving.

Today's Photo: "Sometimes Life is Like a Strange Grey Cloud"

Positive. Time to write something positive. This is a positive blog.

Great! I just stumbled across something encouraging! A hymn. The hymn's title is: "How Small Our Span of Life." That's funny. At first glance, the title does not reflect a positive viewpoint. But it is! Look at some of the words:

And yet our speck of life is spanned by your infinity;
our tick of time on earth is caught by your eternity.

O Christ, you left eternity to plunge in time's swift stream,

to share the shortness of our span, our mortal lives redeem.

You filled your cross-closed years with love; you loved us to the end

and touch us with your risen life that ours may time transcend.

There's the good news for this gray, rainy Minnesota day: God catches us and transcends time to be with us.

I guess that helps put things into perspective.

Brilliant! I have my John Mayer station on Pandora, and guess what song is on: Why Georgia. I love this song!

The day is improving.

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