Smile. Even when you feel like frowning. Or growling.

Today's Photo: "Quite Beautiful"

Today has been quite silly and unique so far. I'll leave it at that. I'm still smiling which is quite a triumph if I do say so myself. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for helping me smile even when I feel like ripping out my own fingernails.

This morning, in the midst of my frustrations about people and conflict, I came across a great quote:

"We all belong one to another. That's they way God made us. Christ died to keep us that way. Our sin is only and always that we put asunder what God has joined together."
- William Sloane Coffin

I'm not exactly sure that I 100% understand this quote, but I get the main idea. We are all connected - so why are we always trying to create divisions and conflict? I'm starting to think that we don't even realize we are so conflict-attracted as a society. We (as humans) have this strange tendency to want to disagree and fight and be mean. Ick! It's giving me a small stomach ache just thinking about it.

What if we just tried to be nice and kind and compassionate for awhile? What would that be like? What if we stopped gossiping and complaining? And stopped putting ourselves in the center of the entire universe all the time? World - do you hear me? Let's just give it a try! Okay? Seriously. Just be caring. Think about your neighbor. Try to remember God when you're making your decisions. Smile. Stop scowling. Laugh. You're going to get frown lines soon if you keep up the grouchy routine - stop it! Live. Just live and laugh and love. I know it sounds like a cheesy wall-hanging (and it is), but it's good advice.

Smile world. Please, just smile.

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