Driver's Test: 16 Again.

Today's Photo: "Curled Up and Over"

Guess what? A person can only live in Minnesota for 60 days before getting a new state license. No more Iowa residency for me; apparently I need to become an official resident of the state I am living in.

So, in preparation to take a "knowledge test" (that's the official name) at the Department of Motor Vehicles in a few hours, I'm studying the Minnesota State Driver's Manual. I feel like I'm 16 again. I guess I can fail it a few times. But hopefully I'll hit the 80% proficiency on my first try. It depends on how many trick questions there are about speed limits and passing on the right.

Other items on this afternoon's agenda: think of helpful funeral sermon imagery, find a local yoga studio (looking nearly impossible; apparently there are currently none in Rochester), figure out Internet possibilities for home, find my passport to take along to the DMV, buy a bunch of yogurt and broccoli (Dr. Oz says they are "super" foods), and do big piles of laundry.

I briefly pondered the idea of trying to develop some kind of social life tonight/make a friend/find a hobby (Can you believe it? No church commitments!). But, pajamas, funeral service planning, and a Netflix movie sound like the most likely activities for tonight.

I hope you are having a delightful Friday, lovely readers. I am oh-so-truly-thankful for you. Thanks for your support and prayers and encouragement this week. It makes the world seem a lot less broken and confusing.


  1. That seems like a pretty good Friday night. Prayers for you.

  2. That seems like a pretty good Friday night. Prayers for you.