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"Be Orange"
Good morning. Happy Wednesday.

As I tuck myself into bed at the end of these beautifully lengthy “pastor days” – I find myself with nagging questions. “Did I say something weird today?” “Did I offend anyone?” “Do people think I’m too perky?” “Was that prayer I made up odd-sounding?” “Did I say the right thing to that critically ill person?”

I trust God. I trust the Holy Spirit (okay, well, I really TRY to trust God and the Holy Spirit). But sometimes, I don’t trust myself. I worry. And I’ve got to stop it! Or I’ll turn into one big human ulcer of anxiety.

I came across an interesting hymn verse today that I think will help those of us who have a tendency to ‘second guess’ and worry.

A verse from the hymn: “Awake, My Soul, and with the Sun” – the text was composed in the 1600s.

Direct, control, suggest, this day,
all I design or do or say, that all my powers,

with all their might, in thy sole glory may unite.

I’m not sure I love the word “control” but I really like the idea of God helping "direct" and "suggest" all I design, do, and say each and every day. That is my new super quick on-the-way-to-work prayer, “Dear God, please direct all I design, do, and say this day.”


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