The Radio Game!

I just finished up a lovely road trip back to Iowa for a very quick weekend. Lots of activities are packed into the next two days! On the drive, I had a rousing time playing "The Radio Game." I think I might have invented it, and it is not exactly a real "game." The goal is to be constantly changing the radio station so that I only listen to songs I really like. If anyone else were the in the car, I probably wouldn't play this game because it would be so annoying for the passenger. But when played alone, it is SUPER fun! Some of my favorite hits that I heard today included:

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic: The Police
The Time of My Life: Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
Isn't She Lovely: Stevie Wonder
California Dreamin': The Mamas and the Papas

Another highlight: Nearly 2 hours of Delilah! Have you heard her show? She is a syndicated radio host of the world's cheesiest nightly radio program. Her soothing voice reminds listeners of those cliches we all need to hear once in awhile, like "true love survives" and "the tough times will get better." And then she picks a song to match with a particular caller's "unique" situation. It is so cheese-ball, but I love it. Tonight I was particularly touched when a mother dedicated "I Hope You Dance" to her 3 young daughters. Very sappily sweet.

A song I was NOT impressed by on my car-ride: "Birthday Sex" by Jeremih - This song is BOGUS! I love Hip-Hop/R&B/and other semi-trashy music. Admittedly, I have a huge collection of songs by T-Paine, Jamie Foxx, and Lil'Wayne. But, apparently, even I have a threshold for terribly graphic, ridiculous music! A whole song about birthday sex? Seriously? Is it really that special? I had to laugh outloud at one of the lyrics: "Tell me where you want your gift, girl." What a truly horrendous song.

I think I will stick to the stations playing primarily 1980's and 1990's music for my ride back to Chicago! I love singing along to those stations of "Easy Listening" every now and then, especially on road trips. I hope you had a great day and listened to lots of amazing music!!!!

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