Day 2: 1 mile + 1 chapter + 1 photo

Hello! Here's today's photo. Are you having a pleasant Monday? Absorbing lots of positive vibes? Sharing your lovely self with the world?

I started the day with some cleaning, walking (with a Leslie Sansone DVD), and then tea with a delightful friend. I will meet with my most wonderful learning partner this afternoon - Elif. She is so terrific, and I am really looking forward to our English session. I wish I would've met her sooner. I find myself saying that quite regularly lately about a lot of people.

On that sentimental note, today for my "book chapter" I read from "Praying our Goodbyes" by Joyce Rupp. Have you ever heard of it? My friend gave me her extra copy, and so far, it is very meaningful. I think it is especially helpful to be reading a book about goodbyes as I am in the midst of saying many goodbyes and preparing to leave Chicago. In general, throughout my life, I have despised "goodbyes" - in almost all relationships (friends, significant others, etc.), I avoid them completely which is really not the most brilliant idea. In fact, it is quite unhealthy because "goodbyes" are important. But I just really dislike the finality of goodbyes. It's so....sad. BUT this books is really helpful! In chapter 1 it says:

"We all need to learn how to say goodbye, to acknowledge the pain that is there for us so that we can eventually move on to another hello."
Good, huh? And, since I am on this vocational quest to become a healthy, happy pastor, I feel like I really need to figure out this "goodbye" stuff. I sincerely want to be a good model of healthy goodbyes. In the book, it says that in life we say goodbye to people (through circumstance or through death), to jobs, to situations, to habits, etc. There are many goodbyes said throughout one's lifetime.

What do you think? Are goodbyes easy or difficult for you? What do you think about the quote from the book?

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I've been dealing with daily goodbyes in CPE. There's no telling a patient "See you later!" when in all likelihood - I won't! So I'm working on goodbyes that are meaningful...

    I'm still wondering what it will be like to return to campus without all the fabulous seniors.