Blessed randomness.

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and a dear friend is now packed up and on her way to Indiana to begin her journey as a pastor. The amount of change in the air is just about as high as the humidity level. It is a very exciting time around the seminary - people are moving out as others move in. Good thing I’m genuinely trying to develop healthy goodbye skills and a positive attitude about transitions! Otherwise, these days could be quite tearful. :)

This afternoon I took a walk and ran into all sorts of randomness. Don’t you just love random encounters and occurrences? They remind me of life’s unpredictable nature. Here are some samples of some of today’s neighborhood oddities (and the photo for today's 1 + 1 + 1 challenge). I can’t say I have ever seen a stuffed bird hanging from a tree before! I hope that lots of mystical, wonderful, randomness is surrounding you today.


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