"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go" (but I've got to get that fridge cleaned out).

Dear beloved friends,

Sorry. The blog entry for today is photoless. My camera battery is dead, and I can't find the charger! It must be packed up.

Just a few more hours in Chicago. The moving help (i.e. super strong Zion Lutheran parishioners) will arrive around 9am tomorrow. I was thinking you might be getting a little annoyed with my constant writing about moving away and transitioning, so - you're in luck! By the time I write tomorrow (if I get the opportunity to do so), I will be a moved Minnesotan.

I had my last meeting today with my beautiful, wonderful Turkish learning partner. She's such a dear. Today she brought some delicious Turkish treats that she whipped up! YUM YUM YUM! She said some of the treats are called "Sugar Balls" though I am sure the Turkish translation sounds more lovely and less weird. They really are tasty! I love sugar. I hope they have it in Minnesota! ;)

Time to finish packing, clean out the refrigerator (why am I constantly misspelling that word?), and do some odds and ends around the apartment and the city. To conclude my last entry as a resident of Chicago, I'd like to send a special message to this beloved city.

Dear Chicago: "Thank you, thank you, thank you" (to quote my favorite Anne Lamott prayer from her book Traveling Mercies)


  1. BEST wishes, dear one. I know myself how verrrrry hard it is to be gone from Chicago - it really does always call you 'home' and how convenient it's a central hub for most flights in the US!

    I haven't been around too long but it's been such a reassurance to witness a part of your journey.

  2. Have fun in Minnesota, Emily.

    Is it on our way from Des Moines to Minneapolis? We'd love to swing by sometime once you start to get settled.