Fantastic Friday: "Check It Out" List

Blogspiration: 100 Mile Diet: Eat Local Challenge (This blog and entire site provide interesting 'food for thought' - In an ideal world eating local would be achievable for all people. In the meantime, it is the season for Farmer's Markets so eating semi-local is a least a bit more feasible for the coming few months.)

Listen Up: I'm going to start recommending two specific songs a week instead of artists.
1) "Stay With You" by John Legend from the CD Gift Lifted
2) "As the Stars Fall" by Cinematic Orchestra from the CD Ma Fleur

Take a Look in a Book: the Old Testament biblical book "Jonah" - For the last few years, it has been my favorite book of the Bible. I hadn't read it through for awhile, but one of my learning partners and I are reading it to practice English this week. It only has 4 chapters, and I love it.

Podcast it Please: the 3.9.09 episode of The Moth - Josh Swiller's "What I Lost in Africa"

A Movie Worth Watching: Broken Wings (This is a film set in Israel and subtitled in English. It is quite moving; make sure you've got some Kleenex nearby. I really liked it. It's amazing how so many themes of life are universal to the human experience: loss, love, illness, confusion.)

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