Comfortably Mysterious

Today I walked my usual loop through the park and past St. Thomas. It’s a little strange, but I’m starting to think of the statue of St. Thomas as my personal friend. Today I even touched the base and said hello. I’ve never had this kind of connection with a place before. I step into the grounds and feel such a sense of peace and mystery; it’s like anything is possible there, and all that’s bad and confusing and ridiculous disappears.

While I was there, I noticed the most beautiful dragon-fly perched on a flower. After I got a glimpse of him, he got up and started hovering in loops. Usually insects are not my favorite of creatures, but this insect was almost majestic. Finally he landed on a vine. I watched him for a long time as he hunkered-down in the breeziness. He refused to let go, even on this very windy day. His strength and determination was almost breath-taking. Maybe I’m getting more mystical. Or maybe I’m just getting a little more open to the world of pretend. Regardless, the experience felt more than coincidental. “Goodbye,” I said like it was possible for a 4-winged bug to understand. Immediately he flew up and toward the sun, and I lost sight of him.

I used to be very uncomfortable with things that couldn’t be explained. These days, there's almost nothing I love more.

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  1. as always, love your pics! how awesome that you got to see a dragonfly. some people think it's a sign of good luck... could be :)