30 Days Inspired: Day 16 & 17

Days 16 & 17: Oh dear! I skipped yesterday! I have been sleeping very strangely the last few nights. Hopefully I can get it all straightened out tonight. I believe my brain is a little overly full.

Yesterday I went up to the northside and got a cezwa! It is Turkish coffee pot. I went with a friend and it was a blast. Lots of laughing - which is my favorite hobby! Here's a picture of the cezwa as I got my first lesson in Turkish coffee making! Interestingly, I had totally been making it completely wrong for the last 6 months.

Today has been filled with joyous inspiration. A most-incredible seminary friend invited me over this morning for some silk painting! It was lots of fun. I had no idea how to paint/dye silks scarves. It was very cathartic. And it helped clear my overly-fuzzy brain. Then, at 2pm, I had lunch at an Egyptian restaurant with a lovely lady who used to be my boss at the library. It was so delightful to share a meal and talk about real life stuff! Real, genuine conversation: what a blessing!!!!