30 Days Inspired: Day 12

Day 12: Today has been tremendous. My "Day 12" activity for today was a fantastic trip to the Brookfield Zoo with my cousin Cari! We had a great time walking around the various exhibits. Normally, I feel so sad (and even tear-up) at zoos because the animals seem depressed. But this zoo was one of the best I've seen! We had a lovely time as we chatted and looked at both cuddly and nearly-hideous creatures. I am feeling highly inspired by the created world today! There are SO many species in existence! It blows my mind! I wish I knew what animals think about and dream about.

After returning from the zoo, I headed downtown to the annual Lit Fair and met up with a truly inspirational pal. We listened to an exceptional speaker/Slam Poet and visited various book sellers and exhibits. Friends can be so inspiring, huh?

Today taught me once again that the quest to be inspired daily is not such an impossible task. There are people surrounding us all the time who exude life, joy, and honest curiosity! We just need to take time to absorb the beauty in others and be brave enough to share our authentic selves with the world.

So dear friends, what has been inspiring you this weekend?

Here are some pictures from this morning at the zoo!

A slithering, cutie-pie snake.

A fun activity in the primate area. It explained that there are 3 ways monkeys choose their mates.
Sadly, the game only explained how monkeys choose their
mates and did not go on to
present a human form of the game.

Not actually an animal on display at the zoo. I just saw it crawling around on some grass looking adorable.

Momma and baby. Oh my goodness gracious. That baby was amazing.

I fancied this sign quite a bit. As a person who struggles with decision making on a daily basis, I think I'd like this sign in my bedroom. "Primates make decisions all the time."

Friends forever.

Lovely cousin Cari! We got there a little early so no animals were out yet.
She presented this sign so wonderfully!


  1. great blog...
    what is your template? I really like it...

  2. really like the photos. the chipmunk was so cute. i really liked the scarf in your hair like that, very chic!!

  3. Hi there! Ceased to Exist: It's actually just a plain brown background, and I have messed with the HTML coding a lot.