Silly Saturdays

The picture posted above is from a little shop in Galena, Illinois called Poopsies. The name of the store is silly enough all on its own, but this creepily ecstatic partial mannequin pushed the "Silly-O-Meter" of this store over the top. My mom and I visited Galena last fall, and I was just looking through some old pictures and came across this one. In trying to come up with an excuse to post it on the blog, I've decided on a weekly feature called "Silly Saturdays."

We can share "silly" (a word which I regularly use as a synonym for bogus, stupid, annoying, ridiculous, and bizarre) stories or experiences from the week. Additionally, sometimes silly really means silly in the funny, delightful, happy sort of way. Here's my "Silly Saturday" story for today.

Tonight I'm reading a delightful Indian classmate's paper. It is super interesting. My favorite part of reading/editing this paper is that fact that the student uses the word "hullabaloo."

Hullabaloo means: "a clamorous noise or disturbance." What a silly word! I love it. Let's all use it!

Okay; your turn. Anything "silly" happening in your life lately?

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