Fantastic Friday: "Check It Out" List

Blogspiration: STYLEMED: Mediterranean Style and Design

Listen Up: Aimee Mann (Where have I been the last few decades? She's amazing!)

Podcast it Please: The Fresh Air episode from 5.21.09; all about the bizarre & heartbreaking new memoir "The Lost Boy"

Take a Look, In a Book: Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry (ordered it yesterday with my Amazon gift card! I cannot wait until it arrives!)

A Movie Worth Watching
: The Wrestler (I'm watching it right now and crying. This is a very good movie. Complex and authentic. Gruesome and real.)

P.S. - I am already feeling much better from my tumble earlier today! Just an icky wrist scrape. My ankle is much less swollen, too! I am thankful.

1 comment:

  1. glad to hear you are feeling better from your little tumble.

    the wrestler was a really good (sad but good) movie.