The Voice

Lately I've noticed that it is oh-so-easy to get miss out on moments of grace and beauty and happiness when I'm running around being busy and obsessive. So I'm challenging myself to a new 'life breathing' activity this week. If you'd like to join me, I'd love the company. The challenge is: listen for holy voices.

I randomly flipped to Psalm 29 last night before bed. Psalm 29:4 reads: "The voice of God is powerful, the voice of God is majesty." I agree; God's voice is sometimes very powerful and majestic sounding. But sometimes I think God's voice is surprisingly humble and almost a whisper. And anyway, today's challenge is not limited to specifically listening for God's specific voice. To tell you the truth, I've never had a Moses-style God-encounter moment with a crystal-clear voice coming from a mountain or a burning bush. God and I don't really 'chat' so directly.

Sometimes a holy voice (a voice of wisdom and honesty) comes through written words on a page of poetry or a novel. I think holiness breaks into our lives in all sorts of ways; our challenge is to be open and ready to witness them. And I don't think it's meant to be one-way communication. I believe in a Creator who dialogues with creation; so let today's conversation begin.

As always, feel free to share any holy voices you encounter along the way. It will certainly be 'good news' for the rest of us.

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