Identity: Final Project for Constructive Theology

A few weeks ago for a class assignment, I did an interview with my friend Youngsik. For my final 'creative response' project for Constructive Theology (which I will present today), I am supposed to come up with a project that reflects what I got out of that interview as well as my other class experiences this semester.

The primary theme that Youngsik and I discussed during our interview was Identity. We talked about how difficult it is for immigrants and international students to form their sense of identity once they arrive in the United States. That conversation has remained deep within my bones these last few weeks; I've come to the conclusion that personal identity formation is an ongoing 'project' for all of us, throughout our lives. My project for class is titled "Identity: in 10 Acts." It is a photography project built around 10 influences of personal identity formation. Some of these are pictures you've seen show up on the blog in the last few weeks. This project has been a wonderful experience; it has forced me to think about the parts of my life that create my sense of self. I would encourage you to make a list or paint a picture or take some photos or write in a journal about your own identity influences. What parts of your life most heavily influence who you are and who you are becoming?






Living Environment





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