Yes, that is snow.

It's snowing in Chicago. I don't have anything particularly unique to write about this little snowstorm. My primary hope is that it only lasts a day and then melts happily away. Because, while I am attempting to become a winter advocate, the truth is, that at the moment, IT'S SPRING! No need for snow.

Guess what? I used a kitchen gadget I've never used before last night: a food processor! I know; you probably already love your food processors and use them all the time. But it was a new discovery for me. I made guacamole. So tasty! I ate it on a salad.

So our 'life breathing' assignment for today is: use something in your kitchen (either a tool, a spice, or a food) that you've been ignoring for awhile and enjoy the adventure that ensues! Then comment here and share your kitchen adventures with the rest of us. Have fun. Breathe deep!

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  1. You made guacamole!!!! I love guac. I hope it was delicious. I'll have to get adventurous later in the kitchen (I already heated up leftovers for lunch!).

    p.s. totally agree about the snow