Taking bigger gulps of life.

Greetings friends. I hope you are having a great weekend. It's a sunny day in Chicago, and I'm letting all sorts of fresh, crisp air into the apartment.

Last night I stopped at the bookstore and flipped through a really neat magazine called Artful Blogging. Very inspiring. It made me rethink the concept of this blog, so I think I'll share some of the insights with you. This blog is now called Life Breathing. I've been brainstorming all sorts of possible names and this one seems like the right fit. I will continue to post daily, but the goals of the blog will be a bit more focused than my previous ramblings. I hope that this online 'living room' will be a space in which we learn from each other how to take time and truly 'breathe-in' the images, words, and encounters we all experience in daily life. Lately, my heart has been convicted on an ongoing basis that I do not allow myself to take these types of deep gulps of life-giving breath often enough. I mentioned meeting Charles in an earlier entry this week; that enounter is still ever-present in my mind. His story reminded me in such a powerful way that moments are much to precious to take for granted.

I recognize that we are all busy people doing what we can to keep our heads afloat, but I think this "life breathing" needs to be a priority. Even if it's only for a single minute here or there in the course of a day.

I will continue to work on my Creative Everyday projects, but I won't specifically be mentioning them anymore. Hopefully you're all engaging in creative acts everyday, too.

I look forward to any and all suggestions. Always feel free to leave comments. Thank you so much for joining me in this blogging journey. I am so grateful for your company.

Enjoy the night ahead. I'll leave you tonight with a few images from around the neighborhood this afternoon.


  1. Dear lady-pastor, thank you for your inspiring words. Life-breathing is something I have been thinking about too recently(although I haven't used that term-love it!) I also loved the picture of the crocuses. Here in Washington spring is trying to make its appearence but this morning it snowed again.

  2. Those purple flowers are GORGEOUS!

    I just wanted to add to your idea of life breathing (really adore this new title, btw) by saying that my friend Rob and I believe that sighing is the simplest form of prayer. So as I breath it all in, I let it out in a beautiful cleansing sigh. In a way, I offer it back up.

    Thanks for your heart. I'll keep reading every (other) day!