You're priceless.

Guess what? You're priceless and so are all the people you know. This is what I was reminded of today.

At chapel today, the preacher (Rev. Darryl Thompson Powell) shared some powerful words. He focused on Psalm 139 which contains many beautiful images about how very intimately the Creator is connected to creation. The sermon was filled with references to how much God loves all people and all creation.

And actually, this is a really interesting idea to think about, because what exactly does God's love look and feel like?

Powell shared that every single being is fearfully and wonderfully made, and everytime we look at another being, we should be completely awed by just how amazing he/she/it really is. I think that is so darn true; regardless of a person's belief system! We are ALL shockingly amazing creatures; if everyone was a little more aware of that reality, it seems the world would be a very different sort of place.

My favorite part of the message (and the part where I felt quite convicted by the Spirit) was when he said, "Stop hatin' on yourself! You are priceless!" I got very teary. I know everyone has different stresses/worries/concerns/negative behavior patterns; some people have big egos and some people have small ones. Some people are overly convinced of their uniqueness and other people have no idea how special they really are. One of my own 'growing edges' happens to be that I do a lot of 'hatin' on myself. But forget that! No more! The world is so huge, and there is too much love to share and receive; so much life to live and explore. I guess it's really quite a waste of time to go around hating on ourselves or anyone else; what's the point? So, let's stop doing that, okay? No more hatin'. Period. And I know that for me personally, ending all the hatin' also means I need to let go of a little residual bitterness and resentment toward others that I am carrying around.

Breathing. Letting it go. Moving on.

Here's my Creative Everyday 2009 project for today. I'm starting a little scrapbook called "Heard it in the Chapel." It will be sort quotes or verses from chapel services during my last semester of seminary that I am particularly struck by and want to remember.

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