What a fantastically beautiful day in Chicago! So warm and sunny. All the snow is melting into magical bodies of wetness. I wish this perfection would stick around; I long for Spring.

I wouldn't mind skipping all the way to March. But, it's never good to wish away weeks, is it? And keeping that in mind, here is my resolution for the next 7 days:

Okay - Valentine's Week; here I come. I am not going to hate on Valentine's Day this year. I've had a series of terrible Valentine's Days for the last 5 years. But maybe I am thinking myself into terrible February 14ths. So I am going to think myself into an amazing February 14th this year! I know it's just a "commericalized Hallmark holiday." Even so, it's still sort of a precious day of love; and it can be any kind of love - love of life, love of friends, love of God! Why limit it to relationship love, right? But it can include that, too, of course! V. Day can be a day celebrating the loveliness of the human capacity to love. I am not going to give up on this resolution; so please - all that is lovely about love - find your way into my life this week.

Here's my puddle picture for today:

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