Hello. Are you having a nice Monday? The weather is still mildly warm here in Chicago; it's great. Everyone seems to be a bit more hopeful and chipper. Well, not everyone. But, a lot of people.

Today for my Creative Everyday 2009 project, I decided to take an instruction from that book I mentioned awhile back: "How To Be An Explorer Of the World." Really, you need to order this book! Do it right now! Like the back of the book says, "At any given moment, no matter where you are, there are hundreds of things around you that are interesting and worth documenting." The author is Keri Smith. Also, if you've been experimenting at all with the Creative Everyday idea, you should go sign up on the site. Just check out that link.

So, today I did exploration #27 from the book. It's called "Accidental Art" and you are supposed to go on a walk and identify "random arrangements of objects that you find interesting." It's all about just being aware. I just took a quick 15 minute walk around my neighborhood. Here are some findings:

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