a not so clever Valentine's Day post.

I don't have anything particularly clever or witty or moving or inspirational to write today. It's Valentine's Day, and I am sitting in front of my computer blogging while drinking a small glass of watermelon flavored wine that costs $2.97 a bottle. And honestly, I am 100% okay with exactly where I am at this moment. I have never been so comfortable on a Valentine's Day before. I woke up, read and wrote for school, visited on the phone with my mom, laughed with a pal at the library, went to the bookstore, bumped into a friend and met her lovely parents, went for a walk, did some email catching up, stopped at CVS for a bottle of Diet Mountain Dew, ordered take-out, and did a craft project. A pretty fantastic day.

So, in honor of love day, I decided to make a little scrapbook in honor of things I love for my Creative Everyday 2009 project. I am generally just filled with a whole lot of thankfulness today. Included in this book of things I love are:

1) people
2) creation
3) books
4) adventures
5) a lifetime to explore FAITH
6) laughing
7) learning partners
8) media: tv, film, music
9) this unique time in my life

Sometimes life stinks. Sometimes life is beautiful. Sometimes it's a little bit of both. Today, all I know for sure is that I feel really thankful, and I wish I could find a way to tell God how much I appreciate getting to be here on planet earth.

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  1. I believe you just did, Em!
    (tell God how much you appreciate being here on planet earth)
    Love reading you on blog! Thanks for writing!