Hello! I am back from the Northeastern Iowa Synod retreat safe and sound. It was quite a time; the people and laughing were my favorite aspects. I got lots of hilarious quality time with my friend, Joy, who also attended the retreat. So fun. I was pondering what my very favorite parts of life are, and I'd have to say people are pretty much the bomb. I know no one uses the expression "the bomb" anymore. But I think I'll try to resurrect it for the week. So, like I said, people are the bomb.

Thank you to everyone who has been emailing lately! I really appreciate your kindness and feedback. It means a lot to me that you not only take the time to read my cheese-ball blog, but that you also take time to email and update me on your lives. THANK YOU. You are a blessing. Genuinely.

Tomorrow I will write a nice long blog entry with updates and hopefully some form of creativity and wit. This is my project for today. It's a painting called "Integrate." I have been thinking lately about how my knowledge and experiences are very compartmentalized; I hope to be able to integrate and mesh them all together.


  1. Love the colors in this work. Can't wait to hear about your retreat! Many Blessings!

  2. You, my friend, are the bomb diggity.