Fantastic Friday: 'Check it Out' List

Blog-spiration: http://breathing-poetry.blogspot.com/

Listen Up: Leona Naess - just stumbled upon her music this week; digging it.

Podcast it Please: This is actually a video podcast/TED talk about Jill Bolte Taylor. You really need to watch it and read up on this amazing woman. http://blog.ted.com/2008/03/jill_bolte_tayl.php

Take a Look in a Book: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron - just getting into the first chapter but I am already loving this book! It's not new; but it's apparently quite a classic. I would love to get a small group going through this book together at a congregation I'll serve in the future.

Movie/TV Worth Watching: Lars and the Real Girl; I saw this one awhile back, but we talked about it at a conference I went to this week. I highly recommend it and would be interested to hear how other people have experienced this extremely unique film.

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  1. I have the artist way sitting on my shelf. You know, waiting to crack the spine when i "have time, am done with school, shut off my tv"
    I should jump in..... hmmmm