lovable lessons.

Hello friends. I hope are all doing well, finding peace, and laughing a lot today.

One of my very favorite things is coming across personal encounters, articles, or television shows that apply exactly to something I'm going through or processing. I know, some will say this is not God's doing and instead is just a coincidence. I go back on forth as to how much I believe in God's providence and working in the tiny details of life; I struggle to understand how much control God really has over that sort of stuff.

But today, I believe in God's working in the details very much. And I don't really have the emotional energy today to analyze all the theological implications of holding that belief. Instead, I am just going to feel thankful and comforted by the idea that God cares about how all people and all created things feel. And I am going to stop questioning everything and just let myself believe that God hurts when we hurt. And God laughs when we laugh. And God hates that people have hurts and scars and wounds that stick around for years and years and lifetimes.

Even though I sometimes feel overwhelmed by feelings, I think they do matter and count for a lot. Otherwise, why would we have them? There must be a purpose - for the highs and the lows and everything else. In the end, I wouldn't really trade them: sadness, frustration, hurt, joy, butterflies, excitement. Feelings make living real.

My project today. I was inspired by all sorts of people that use their journals to draw, collage, and write. Cool, huh? I think I am going to order this book: Wreck This Journal

(a lesson we all learn over and over, right?)

And some helpful sections from my devotional for today "The Language of Letting Go":

When we change, our circumstances will change...We will get the love we need and desire when we begin to believe we're lovable, and when we allow that to happen.

So believe it people: we're lovable.

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