First, general updates


Lately I have been reading so much great writing (fiction and non-fiction), and it has inspired me to practice the craft of putting words together and making meaning. I know blogs are cheesy, and I often make fun of them. But, here I am, blogging. Nerd.

I do appreciate how this technology connects lives around the globe. So, with that in mind, I hope to create a blogging atmosphere that is less about my own ego, and more about shared relationship and experience. If you are a reader of this, please feel free and always invited to comment and post your own reflections.

Just to do a little updating:

-I am currently enjoying my last J-term class of seminary. One more semester to go until graduation. I can't believe how fast these years have flown by!
-In the next few months, I will find out where I will be assigned to take my first call as Pastor Emily!
-The family is doing well. I won't comment to much on my family because I'm not sure how much they'd want me sharing with the universe, but they are all keeping busy and being wonderful.
-Life in Chicago is good (perhaps even quite great!) - but oftentimes I miss my other lives in Iowa and Marion, IL.
-Still working at the seminary library but I picked up some new tasks there this year: special projects and book processing. Sometimes I still ponder pursuing library science - maybe someday.
-Also still working as a professor's student assistant and a Learning Partner at the seminary's language/resource center.
-The Learning Partner gig is one of the most valuable and meaningful experiences of my life; it has been throughout my 4 years of seminary. I am truly thankful for all the friends I've worked with from all over the world throughout these years (and during my years as a tutor at Wartburg). I can't imagine seminary or life without these special people who are always opening my heart, mind, eyes, and ears to the world around me.

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