"create" and integrate

Hey there! Have you joined in the Creative Everyday Challenge 2009 yet? I hope you are finding fun ways of incorporating creativity into your everyday life. I never thought of myself as a particularly 'creative' person, but this challenge is helping me recognize the innate creativity within us all!

Today I made a little collage for my project. Collages are fun to make; and I appreciate that they don't require any specific artistic abilities or very much time (maybe 30 minutes or so). This one is inspired by my J-term "Theologies of Creation" class. We've been discussing things like capitalism, the environment, technology, and creation. This collage is a way of processing some big questions floating around in my mind that the course has raised.

Another bonus tonight: Great dinner with a seminary pal. She's a wonderful lady filled with kindness and words of wisdom. I feel renewed and invigorated. I am still pondering a word she used that spoke deeply to me: integrate. We intregrate the different aspects of our lives - not separate them from one another. Very helpful.

I think this integration concept is a useful way of healing/working through/growing from past life hurts, too. I would venture to say most of us have painful experiences in our pasts (or presents) that have a way of getting buried down deep within us.

For me, I bury them and then work hard to find some of way separating those experiences from who I am now. But the truth is, whether I acknowledge the hurts or not; they are still there. I like the idea of integrating them into who I am now so that I can then move through them. The actual definition of integrate is: "to bring together or incorporate (parts) into a whole." I like that.

Sleep well, friends.

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