Up North In Review

Earlier this month, Finn, Justin and I headed up north from a Wednesday afternoon-Sunday! We had a blast and visited Duluth, Lutsen and Devil's Track Lake outside Grand Marais. Here are some of our highlights from the adventure...

We're off! We got a rental vehicle for the trip with great mileage. 

We visited Vikre Distillery and did their free daily tour! Highly recommend!
We had dinner at the Green Mill downtown, and they had a nice gluten free selection.
We stayed in the basement unit of an AirBNB on Wednesday night.

Enger Tower on Thursday morning

Enger Tower on Thursday morning

The view from Enger

Duluth Rose Garden - It was beautiful, but Finn was NOT a fan of the Leif Erickson statue.
Finn despises a few things: statues, hot air balloons and walking on wet grass. 
After a delicious coffee at Bakehouse in Duluth with our friend, Kate, we stopped at Duluth Trading Company and Justin found some new pants. After that we drove to Lutsen where we stayed a night at Lutsen Resort. We ate smoked fish that we picked up on the drive. There is a wing of pet-friendly rooms at the resort. 

On Thursday night we enjoyed live music at North Shore Winery. We really enjoyed their cider, and I had a glass of their Lutsen red wine blend. So good! 

On Friday morning we started with breakfast and then went for a hike. We also stopped for a coffee at Fika Coffee in Lutsen. 

We stopped in Grand Marais for a few groceries on Friday afternoon and then we headed to our little green cabin on Devil's Track Lake. We were there Friday & Saturday night before heading home Sunday morning. We loved this lake! Very quiet and peaceful and great for canoeing. 

Finn enjoyed the deck and he even got in the water a time or two! 

We hiked Eagle Mountain and THEN found out it's the highest point in Minnesota!

Handsome hiker. 

It was a great hike up Mosquito Eagle Mountain!

Gorgeous views!

We really enjoyed our time at the cabin and did a lot of adventuring, canoeing, resting and hiking! Then on Sunday we stopped and wandered around Artists Point in Grand Marais on our way back south. It was a long drive home, but we were very grateful for the time we spent up north! 

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