Transition to Digital Newsletter

Hey friends,

I'm transitioning from blogging to creating of monthly digital newsletter. Sign up by visiting http://www.emilyannecarson.com and then hitting the newsletter button.

The monthly newsletter will be called "Be Still" with content related to spiritual practices, photography, contemplation, books, and music!

I spend a lot of my work days at a computer living out my vocation in ways that I find really meaningful and fulfilling. But with so much screen time, I'm feeling a pull to spend less of my non-working hours on a computer/cell phone. And, quite honestly, with the current rhythms of life and freelance writing and other responsibilities, I'm having a hard time fitting blogging into my routines in a way that doesn't just feel like I'm posting randomly for the sake of posting so I can stay connected to you!

Then I remembered: Hey Emily, there are other ways to stay connected! How about a chill, thoughtful monthly newsletter! Yes! Let's do that! 

Blogging will still be in the background (especially to share columns and #powersheets and that kind of thing) but I think...at least for a time, this new newsletter might be a way for me to write and stay without having to be on a computer/cell phone every day in my non-working time.

I hope you'll sign-up and join me!


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