This Week's Column

Good Sunday to you!

Did I already share last week's column? About a 2018-restart?

If not, here it is. 

On that note - how is your January going?

And here's this weekend's column; it's about Arizona.

A recap on the past week....

I went from feeling really awesome last weekend...to decent on Monday...to awful on Tuesday. So awful, in fact, that I had to stay home and sleep. The IVIG side effects caught up with me. Tuesday was rough but I was back to work by Wednesday. The sore neck and migraine carried me through the rest of the week...I'd forgotten about the IVIG ick. But rest assured, I remember now!

The good news is that the platelets, Nplate, and IVIG all worked and my count is way back up into the normal range!

The plummet appears to have been a momentary blip caused that cold I caught after New Years, and all should be back to normal now. Yahoo!

Onward and upward.

Justin and I ended up having a really wonderful weekend; I'll share more highlights in the days ahead. Some plans ended up falling through but we already had the rental car and the dog sitter set, so we went up to Minneapolis and Stillwater for the day. Such fun.

And coming soon...our next Emoji Adventure! The video is uploading to Youtube as I type!

Have a great night and a good start to the week.

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