This week's column

"Study for the Archangel Gabriel" by Nicolas Mignard (French, Troyes 1606–1668 Paris)

Here's this week's column. 

It's about Zechariah and losing your voice and finding your awareness.

A couple questions for you to ponder (I'm pondering them, too)...

  • When in my life has something looked like a punishment but actually been more of a present? 
  • What new awarenesses might Zechariah have come to during the time when he couldn't speak? 
  • How do you feel about silence? 
  • How would you have responded to the angel Gabriel? 
I hope you had a good weekend! I had a great Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I got to head down to the Iowa border to pulpit supply at a 2-point congregation. It was a really special morning and I felt grateful to spend the 2nd Sunday of Advent in those contexts. The text was Mark 1:1-8...I love that Mark starts with John the Baptist in the wilderness...it's a bold move. He skips all of what we'd consider the Christmasy kinds of details and gets right to adult John and adult Jesus. It was a cool Gospel to explore in community. 

Peace to you!


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