Last night Justin and I attended two events at Forager! First was a forum on affordable housing hosted by Med City Beat. Three local leaders spoke about their individual perspectives on the issue and then the attendees had a chance to make statements and ask questions.

Then we attended a fermentation class! We won tickets through The Radish, a periodic insert in the Rochester Post-Bulletin.

We learned about fermenting fruits and veggies. We also learned about making kombucha. Bonus: we got to eat chicken wings and a variety of fermented foods including carrots, veggies, kimchi, and kraut. The leaders of the class sent us home with a jar of fermented blueberries and a SCOBY to start our own kombucha. So cool!

Do you eat fermented foods? Make them? What are your favorites?


  1. lacto fermented dilly beans are the best... plus I ferment the little onions that grow on the tops of egyptian walking onions... plus ginger carrots plus, of course, sauerkraut... plus little cucumbers, well, of course dills!
    btw... your sermon at Maggie's funeral was awesome!

  2. oh, yes, and I've been doing kombucha for quite some time... I do a continuous ferment... easier by far.