July 17. What?!?!

It is July 17, and I am in utter disbelief. July is moving so very swiftly. It has been a magnificent month!

My sophomore year college roomies came to visit from a Friday night to a Sunday morning earlier this month. It was delightful. We had such fun. Here's a column all about it and a couple pics courtesy of my pal, Sarah.

Here's another recent Post-Bulletin column...

This one is about Rochester. 

Last week I was up in Lutsen with my mom and fiance! We had a wonderful week of nature and relaxation and adventure. It was a perfect combo platter. I love vacation. Entirely. I just love every single drip drop of it. Lake Superior...a soul sister of sorts.

I haven't yet gone through the hundreds of photos from the week but when I do, I'm excited to post and write about it. My goal is to get back into a regular writing and blogging practice. The last few months have been very full but heading into late summer & fall, things shift into a more chill pace. I'm grateful for all of it; life is good.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

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