Ellis Delaney

A couple weeks ago when my mom and I went to Minneapolis to visit the Eloise Butler Garden, we also went to worship at the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis. What a great morning! The preacher that day was Rev. Karen Hutt and the title of her sermon was "The White Trash Among Us." It is provocative and profound. Here's a recorded version. I think this recording is from the second service and we were at the first service, but I am imagining the two sermons were very similar.

Another immense highlight of the worship service was the music of Ellis Delaney who sang three original songs. Ellis sang Start Where You Are, Bird on a Wire, and How Would It Be.

I love words, but it's hard to put into words how talented Ellis is as a singer/songwriter. Really, really good. Here's a link to the Youtube channel. And here's a link to the blog.

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  1. I saw Ellis when she was at the noon Harmony at Mayo in February. Really enjoyed her songwriting and energy as she sings!