Catching up

Good morning! First off, here are the last two installments of this year's Lenten series for the Rochester Post-Bulletin:

April 8: From attachment toward freedom
April 15: From fear toward trust

How have you been?!

Last week I was up in Minneapolis for a course called Principles and Techniques in Fund Raising taught by Indiana University's Lilly School of Philanthropy. Loved it! Highly recommend it for anyone who works for any kind of non-profit (pastors, markets, communications professionals). It gives a lot of excellent, foundational information about how fundraising works. I loved both of the professors - Sarah and Tracy.

Another update: I have home internet again! After a 10-month hiatus, I am back online in my home. I found a good deal through Centurylink; it's about $24.99/month (but would be $14.99/month if I had my own router). For a variety of reasons, it was the right time to reconnect. So far, so good! It's a self-installation process, and it couldn't have been easier! (get ready for the return of regular BLOGGING!)

Easter was great. Spent Saturday and part of Sunday with mom, Josh, and Sweta and then headed down to Denver, IA to enjoy the afternoon and evening with the Stoll crew. Such a joyful day!

There are signs of spring everywhere in Rochester; I am LOVING it!

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