Greetings/The Drowsy Chaperone

Photo via the Rochester Civic Theater Facebook Page

Weekend salutations to you! How are you? All is well around here. Life is full and good. Working at the Office of the Bishop (these weeks are the busiest time of the year for me at work as we prepare for Synod Assembly...this year with lots of updates to the aesthetic of all the written/visual materials....eeek! It's really fun and life-giving. But overwhelming at times), pulpit supply preaching on weekends, and writing a couple columns for the Post-Bulletin. Very grateful for these opportunities to do things I love to do.

I recommitted to some wellness goals last week. I got a little off track with the house buying and moving. Having nutrient-dense food in the house and ready to grab makes a big difference. I like my gym (Northgate) and try to get there at least 3 times a week. I'm finding it's a fun time to exercise and read on my Ipad/Kindle.

Do you live in Rochester?

You need to get tickets to The Drowsy Chaperone! My friend Anjanette is in it (she's the chaperone!). Mom and I went last night. My friends Clint and Sharon had given me a gift card to the Rochester Civic Theater three years ago as a going away gift from Zion. Last night was the night! Mom and I loved it. So much fun. Here's how to get your tickets. 

Here's some background on the original script & production.

It's a musical with tons of choreography and humor...and some very tender moments, too. Loved it!

Have a great weekend! I'm heading to Albert Lea to preaching in the morning. Roadtrip!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out for Drowsy! It is such a fun show and a clever script from start to finish. Love that you and your mom were able to come opening weekend! Isn't it great to laugh!