Life lately....such a mix. 

From a national and global perspective, I'm perpetually concerned. There are a lot of worrisome realities, and I'm trying to figure out a balance between being informed and being a healthy, well-balanced person.

I met with the director of the Rochester Meditation Center tonight after work for an article I'm working on for the Post-Bulletin. I think meditation will be a useful tool for me. 

In more personal aspects of life, things are really good. 
  • I bought a home and close on it in mid-February. So soon I'll be moving!
  • Loving my job and grateful for it. 
  • Grateful for regular writing and preaching opportunities.
  • Obsessed with the sauna at the gym. 
  • Grateful for my sweetheart and excited for us to get married and live in the same state (this summer sometime).
  • Family is good; very glad to have had the chance to travel with Mom to be able to be at Josh & Sweta's wedding in Kolkata.
I haven't had Internet at home since last summer, so that has definitely impeded my blogging time. I plan to eventually have Internet again at home...hopefully once I get into the new place. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and hangin' with me. I miss posting photos and reflections. But it has been nice to save some extra dough over the past 6 months. 

When I DO return to regular blogging, I'm super pumped to share all kinds of frugal living strategies with you that I've learned over the past year! And photography! And writing!

I hope your weekend contains some peace. And a good measure of gratitude and hope. 


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