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Lately I am diggin' on....

Canva. Dang. Where have I been? Canva, you are really wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I love InDesign. But sometimes it is just too cumbersome and I need a professional looking image/poster/logo STAT. Canva is where it's at. I love PicMonkey, too. But Canva is different. I use them both and sometimes I use them in combination. PicMonkey is super slick for designing an actual image and creating transparent backgrounds. Canva has a lot of fantastic fonts and templates. InDesign is where it's at for larger-scale documents. So grateful to live in a time with access to so many terrific design resources! 

Listful Thinking by Paula Rizzo. I'm listening to this audiobook from The Rochester Public Library (I love you, RPL!), and I am literally SAVORING every chapter. Sometimes I won't even let myself listen to it because I want to "save it." (I know, I know...it doesn't even make sense.) Paula is a television producer and list lover. She has so many great, practical strategies. She is an admitted Type A-planner. And I LOVE HER. I wish we could be friends and talk about lists all the live long day.  But in all seriousness, I implemented some of her suggestions this past week, and I was knocking the productivity ball out of the park personally and professionally. 

Eavesdropping. I just can't help it! If you are near me and having a conversation, I am listening.

Sweet potatoes. I made a sweet potato, apple, cranberry recipe for Thanksgiving and accidentally bought twice as many sweet potatoes as necessary.  And what a happy accident that has proven to be! DANG! I love sweet potatoes. They are so yummy. I like them savory and sweet. And the ol' pressure cooker is really coming in handy! I can cook up in a flash! 

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