A New Approach

Last night I had a tough time. Maybe it was over-exhaustion from the kick-boxing class. Or maybe it was too much time on social media. Or maybe it was the political appointment of another scary person into another powerful position. 

So I cried for a little while, shared encouraging messages back and forth with my tribe*, and went to sleep. 

This morning I decided to start the day differently. No MPR, no social media, no rushing. Instead I opted for happy lamp time, quiet reading, and relaxation music. It was better and healthier for me - at least for right now. 

We're all trying to figure out how to navigate this landscape. Please take good care of yourself, your heart, and your spirit. You are really valuable, and we need you to be healthy. So take care of yourself, okay? Good care. 

I've also discerned that I'm done trying to explain to people why I'm scared and concerned and why other people are scared and concerned. My letter was my best attempt. I'm seeing so much hate and judgment online; it's making me anxious. 

This might just be one of those things that isn't understandable for some at the present moment. That's that. It would be wasted energy to keep trying to say the same thing over and over...to keep trying to justify my feelings and justify the feelings of others. 

Instead, I'm going to redirect that energy. I'll certainly keep listening and valuing all people - I'll certainly keep loving all people. And I'll do an extra intentional job of valuing, supporting, and loving people who are vulnerable and afraid. I hope you'll do the same. 

We don't have to understand each other in order to love and support each other. Jesus said love each other. 

Jesus did not say: "Fully understand where someone else is coming from and be sure you're able to agree with them completely. Then love them." THAT WASN'T THE COMMAND. The command was: "Love one another." That's it. No understanding required. 

Here are a few resources I thought you may find helpful. 

1. "How to Hold Anger and Summon Empathy" (link

2. "Survival Guide" for Lives Affected by Current Political Reality (link)  

Take care of yourself, friends. Don't give up on other people and don't give up on yourself.


*A tribe is....

1 comment:

  1. For what it's worth feedback, Em.

    I'd say you:
    a) reached a healthy conclusion
    b) reminded readers of Jesus' crucial command to love everyone
    c) offered resources that might help others
    All in a single post!

    You trying to explain your feelings about the recent election was truly courageous, helped you, and helped many readers. As you discerned though, your attempt won't resonant with everyone. Just won't, no matter how much thought and energy you put into it. That fact is not a reflection on you, and at least in most cases, not even a negative reflection on them. For those people you've already helped, your writing clicked with them, and reiterating won't help them further. So as you concluded, time to move on, no matter how important the activity has been.

    Thank you for boldly promoting mutual understanding!