This Week's Column & Weekend Updates

I had a primarily great weekend. Saturday was awesome! I got to spend the morning and afternoon with Justin and his family and the dog, Finn. It was great. We got in a nice walk, too. Then that evening was the wedding of two of Justin's good friends, Shauna and Nate. 

It was a LOVELY wedding and reception. 

Great to catch-up with friends from back in the Wartburg days - and lovely to make some new friends, too. Justin was the perfect wedding date. So grateful for that fellow's presence in my life. Completely and utterly grateful. It was a Saturday full of friendship and fun. 

Sunday was less fun. I caught a stomach bug and it was not pleasant. Very not pleasant. So we didn't get to hang out with my cousin, Seth, like we'd planned. That stunk. But hopefully we'll see him soon!

Today I'm back to work. But moving a little extra slow...still a bit dehydrated and sore from all the throwing up. Should be back to normal by later this week. In the meantime, I'll be hydrating. 

 *photo cred to Justin's dad, Jerry!

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