As I got into my car to drive to Rochester from Albert Lea yesterday, I paused to check my email. And I got this great news...

A contest win is always fun! A contest win when you're Queen Frugality....SUPER FUN!
Are you a Post-Bulletin subscriber?
If so - you should make sure you're signed up for the Inner Circle!
Once you're signed up, you can login for contests and monthly deals. 
And guess what? It's the real deal!
I actually won one of the contests (there are several every month). 

It would only take about 2 minutes to enter every monthly contest, so go for it! Inner Circle is a cool perk of being a subscriber. 

Over the past month as I've been cutting expenditures right and left, I really debated on the newspaper. I've decided to keep my subscription, and I'm enjoying it more than ever! There are so many great columns. And the overall content is good, too. I also really like the photography. The Post-Bulletin is a really solid paper with a very good staff. I bet your local paper is the same (if you live outside the Rochester area) 

And the comics alone are worth the monthly cost of $14.50! I clip out at least one every night to send or save. They're funny! I've been a subscriber for the last 5 years, but it wasn't until the past month that I really got into a consistent nightly routine with it. I now look forward to it every day! 

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