The Circus

I was glancing through some photos tonight and stumbled across this gem from the visit Alison and I took The Carnegie Center in New Hampton earlier this summer! It's a miniature model of a real circus scene from the early 20th century.

As I looked at it tonight, I noticed something I didn't notice when I took the photo. The camels! Camels are a very special animal to me - and whenever I see them in any form, I feel a special feeling. For me, the camel represents resilience...the ability to travel for a long, long way without a sip of water. They're also quite unique for mammals because their red blood cells are oval instead of circular. Camels also have very unique immune systems as compared to other mammals.

An interesting camel fact...they can go a long time without water. But when they DO get some water, they can drink 53 gallons in 3 minutes! They have a special feature that allows quick expansion of their insides so they don't burst.

Not to over-identify with camels...but I think I might be one. Only not with water...instead, with spiritual nourishment. I go for surprisingly long stretches without a drop, but then when I see an oasis in the distance, I gorge. No lady-like sips for me. I stuff my face with gratitude and happiness and bliss...as much as I can get in there. It's like my soul expands to make space for all the excess...and then I live off of it. For as long as needed.

Maybe someday it will be more of a steady flow for me...a drop here, a gulp there.

Or maybe I'm beginning to realize that life is all one giant sea of nourishing water...and there's always enough. It makes me wonder if perhaps I won't need to spend the rest of my life on high alert...always preparing for the next stretch of parched land.

It's a curious thought. Like living in a desert only to find out it was Eden all along.

What I know is this: I'm 53 gallons in, and I think there's room for more.

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