Life Lately

Photo taken last Saturday at Joy Ranch in Florence, South Dakota

Life lately....

*Last Thursday to Sunday I was in South Dakota for a churchwide training for Mission Interpreters. There were synod communicators there, too. I found the experience immensely life-giving...good for the brain and the spirit.
*On Sunday when I got back, I headed right to Mayo for a blood test and a bag of platelets. I've gotten quite good at knowing when my count is low, and sure enough, I was at 3. So...I got a bag of platelets and was bag in business. My weekly blood test and injection are still working very well. Now and then I have random plummets. It feels good to be able to ride the waves without giant freak-outs. I feel really, really grateful for the Infusion Therapy Center. I'm a regular there, and they've saved me many hours that would be spent in the ER if they didn't exist. This time they even let me get a lab draw there so that I didn't have to go through the ER (all the labs are closed on weekend evenings).
*Monday was the funeral of a colleague in the synod who died very suddenly of a brain aneurysm. She was an outstanding leader, and everyone is stunned and grieving. Sarah will be very missed. And I encourage you to hold Sarah's family, friends, and congregation (Our Savior's, Faribault) in your prayers.
*Work has been going very well. Learning new things every day. And LOVING the database. It is such a useful tool. Tomorrow I get to attend a conference meeting over in Albert Lea and give a talk on Communication 101. Super pumped; it's one of my favorite topics to explore with folks.
*I'm all about saving money and budgeting! And selling stuff! I'm headed into my 4th week without home Internet (Charter and I broke up forever)! I canceled Internet and Netflix last month as a way to save money and time (as well as a variety of other services), and oh-it-feels-so-good! I'll share more about this along the way. And we can celebrate together. I'm hoping to share more of my favorite money-saving tips and tricks as I gather them.
*I hope you're doing well! I'd love to hear from you; drop me an email or leave a comment.

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