Carnegie Cultural Center

Friendship is a treasure. 

On Saturday my freshman year roomie, Alison, and I got together in New Hampton for a morning meet-up! It was...bliss! Total bliss. I sure love her, and I always love our time together. We've been friends since 2001. That's 15 years. Whoa! Time flies. 

After breakfast at Klunder's Kafe (don't you just love the double k?), we were looking for another activity. I'd googled "New Hampton Historical Society" the previous evening, and the Carnegie Cultural Center came up as a search result. 

So we went for it! We happened to be the only ones in the museum, so we got a private, 90-minute tour from the director. If you're in the region, the Carnegie Cultural Center is definitely worth a stop. They have some extensive circus history and models as well as a lot about the farming practices of the last 150 years. There are a variety of interesting and random displays throughout the building. The building itself is interesting, too. It was formerly the town library but when the new library was built, this building shifted to a museum. 

We enjoyed our visit to this New Hampton gem!