Happy Birthday, James Audubon

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Happy birthday, James Audubon!
He was born back in 1785. James was an ornithologist and a painter (great skill-set combo). He wrote and illustrated the book "Birds of America" which was published as a series between 1827 and 1838. (Side note: In 2000, a copy of "Birds of America" sold for $8.8 million at auction! That's a lot of bird love.)

Audubon had all kinds of grit and fierce determination. At 35, he decided, "I'm going to paint every bird in North America." He struggled to find financial support for his endeavors in the US so he headed to England where his fortunes improved.

His ornithological adventures took him around the world. 

In 1905 the National Audubon Society was created and named in his honor. 

Here of my favorite illustrations from Audubon...


Painting Buntings

Snowy Owls

Barred Owl