10 MIN OR LESS: Veggie Sprout Rice

Last month I discovered gluten-free pancake mix with funfetti included. They turn out perfectly cooked in my waffle maker, and they do not ever leave me disappointed. They are so delicious and sugar-filled, that I could easily find an excuse to eat them every day. Especially covered in real maple syrup. 

But, since I'd prefer to keep that delicacy in the "treat" category and not the "dinner" category, I need to have other quick and easy meal ideas on hand. 

Overall, I genuinely stuck with the good nutrition plan throughout January, and I'm feeling more energized than ever. Side bonus: my platelets have been at a normal count for nearly 2 weeks! All the blood tests and careful monitoring are making it easier for the hematology team to discern the appropriate dosage of the weekly bone marrow stimulator. YAHOO!

Now - back to the recipe. 

I like to meal plan and prepare - but sometimes I just need something super quick, super easy, and generally nutrient-dense. Especially in those moments when I'm tired, hangry, and most likely to face-plant into a pile of those previously mentioned funfetti pillows of carbohydrate bliss. 

So I offer to you: Veggie Sprout Rice! It takes 5-10 minutes to prepare and provides two servings. You'll need: 

*1 bag of freeze rice with veggies
*4-5 mini sweet peppers (chopped)
*a handful of snow peas
*a pinch of salt (I am LOVING sherpa pink salt!)
*a spoonful of basil pesto
*a spoonful of coconut oil
*a handful of bean or pea spouts



And now some super easy instructions: 

1. follow the package directions on the microwave rice packet
2. sauté the chopped peppers, snow peas, and bean sprouts in a spoonful of coconut oil
3. after the rice is done, add it to the pan of cooked veggies
4. add in a spoonful of basil pesto
5. eat it!

I hope you enjoy this tasty, quick dinner as much as I did earlier tonight. 

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