My 2016 Goals

*written while jamming to Gonjasufi

First, a few recommendations. 

#1: Leslie Sansone walking DVDs and her *free* Youtube videos. Do you like working out in the comfort of your own home without getting sweaty while you wear pajamas and your favorite Alaska sweatshirt with all the animal faces on it? Get out of town! WHAT A COINCIDENCE! Me, too. And that's where Leslie comes in. I love her walking in place DVDs. They are my exercise dream come true. And this one is actually quite challenging with the stretchy band! 

#2. The Skimm. Have you subscribed yet? Click here and give it a whirl.

#3. This song. It puts me into a Bollywood trance. And I like it.  

#4. Mary. 

#5. This. Bone broth. So into it. More to come on that topic in the weeks ahead. 

And now, #goaltime. 

1. Read a physical copy of a paper book for at least 15 minutes a day. 

2. Be consistent in my core daily routines of morning happy lamp/devotion time, 8 hours of sleep, and 30 minutes of movement. 

3. Utilize apps/accountability to limit mindless technology use. 

4. Implement best productivity/organization practices at work. 

5. Nurture conscious, collaborative relationships. 

6. Consistently utilize the life tools I've invested in throughout the year (Lara Casey, Sacred Ordinary Days, and Leonie Dawson). 

Your turn! What's on your goal list this year? Care to share? 


  1. Great goals for 2016!
    Talking about bone broth, here is a link to a bone broth recipe:


    1. Thanks so much, Ann! That recipe looks easy and delicious! Do you make bone broth?

  2. Happy 2016, my friend! Love your goals, and I love YOU!!

    1. SARAH! I love your BREATHE goal. Amen to that. I miss you. Happy 2016. Love YOU.